About Us

Tuobang Metallurgical Technology Co., Ltd is a Wuxi, Jiangsu China based equipment manufacturer. We are specialized in designing, manufacturing, commissioning industrial furnace and it’s accessories such as burners, heat exchangers, centrifugal casting parts, etc.

Our product line consists primarily of heavy heat treat equipment for the automotive and major metal working industries and includes a wide range of high tech references throughout the world for: Reheating, hydrogen annealing, normalizing, drawing, tempering, stress relieving, quenching, carbonizing, galvanizing and bright annealing.

Recent developments include: Strip process line equipment (loopers, furnace, radiation tubes, etc), Rotary Hearth Heating Furnace; Roller Hearth Furnace for heat treatment with 100% N2 atmosphere; Walking Hearth Furnace for steel slab in wide-heavy plate mill.